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This page will share information about my candidacy for the Williamstown Planning Board.
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vote on May 10, between 7AM and 8PM.

This was just submitted to the Berkshire Eagle and iBerkshires…May 5 2022 letter to editor

Yard Signs were a labor of love! Thanks to those that have put one up. A couple may be left for those interested.

With some help, I recycled old signs and got a stencil to use instead of adding more plastic to the trash.

If you would like to support me by putting up a sign, please let me know. (cdemayowall at gmail).


I recently shared this introduction on WilliNet.

Thank you for taking the time to listen today and thank you to WilliNet for the opportunity to introduce myself. 

I am Carin DeMayo-Wall and I am running for a seat on the Planning Board. After living outside of Boston for a number of years, I moved back to town in 2009 with my husband, John, and our first of 2 children. With my father sick and my husband able to work from home, we felt lucky to return to be closer to family. My husband, John and I were actually at Mt. Greylock together, meeting each other again several years after college. 

I guess you could say I am a real townie. I grew up on a working farm, which is now my sister Lisa’s equestrian business. I attended Broad Brook School (now closed), Williamstown Elementary (totally different building) and Mount Greylock (where only the stage looks familiar). I love that my kids have my 6th grade teacher’s grandson teaching physical education and several of my cousins are watching out for them at school. There is something very comforting about being in this small town where people know each other and and come together to help in times of loss or crisis. 

I am also a graduate of Williams College. As a financial aid student, I was fortunate to study with amazing professors and classmates, some who have also come back to Williamstown. 

While not connected to the college, both of my parents were active in town government and my father served on numerous boards including the Select Board and Planning Board. Their commitment to the town was something they saw as a duty and service. They instilled the importance of serving our communities in all three of their daughters. The beauty is that service can take so many different forms. 

I began to volunteer at the Williamstown Food Pantry well over 30 years ago. That is when my mom started the food pantry out of our family station wagon. With Covid, the pantry distributions shifted to a drive through format and continues to serve those in need in Williamtown and the broader community. Sadly, food insecurity is real in this town.   

For me, one of the good things about Covid was the time I had for introspection and better understanding the world around me. It only heightened my concerns for the disparities within our community and the environmental issues we face with climate change. I hope to be part of the land use discussion on the planning board and bring my perspective to the table. 

We live in a place of tremendous privilege; a community with incredible resources and educational opportunities. We also have a remarkable wealth of knowledge, not only from those in academia but also in the townspeople not necessarily connected to the college. 

I would like to serve the community through a seat on the planning board. I know I have a great deal to learn, but I will continue to be mindful that everyone has a right to be part of this town. Inclusivity and environmentalism do not have to be exclusive.  

Thank you for your consideration. And thank you again to WilliNet.